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Akshaya Tritiya 2023: Why is it Celebrated And 6 Important Lessons From The Life of Lord Parshuram

As per the Hindu legends, Lord Parshuram is considered one of the three immortal beings on Earth, and Akshaya Trititya is celebrated as his birthday. Here are a few interesting life lessons that our generation can impart from Parshuram today.

Published: April 21, 2023 7:30 PM IST

By Sidhharrth S Kumaar

Akshaya Tritiya 2023 Why is it Celebrated And 6 Important Lessons From The Life of Lord Parshuram
Life lessons from Lord Parshuram (Photo: Freepik)

Akshaya Tritiya 2023: Akshaya Tritiya is regarded as the birthday of Lord Parshuram, who was the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is believed to be immortal and is present on this Earth in Modern Times as well. Lord Parshuram is considered a symbol of strength, devotion, and righteousness, and is believed that he would step up into the role of Guru of Lord Kalki (the incarnation of Lord Vishnu expected to come in Kaliyuga). As we celebrate Akshaya Tritiya today, here are six lessons from the Life of Lord Parshuram to follow:

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  1. Donate with an open heart: This is a very important lesson in modern times to give away whatever you have without any expectations of return from it. Lord Parshuram won the complete Earth from Kings and donated everything. The donation also creates a positive ripple effect in our lives wherein the universe blesses us more.
  2. Learning outside comfort zone: Lord Parshuram was born into a family of sages such as sage Jamadagni and s age Bhrigu who were regarded for their intellect in their times. However, Lord Parshuram went ahead outside of his comfort zone and mastered the art & science of warfare. The ability to retain teaching of the comfort zone and adapting to learn outside the comfort zone is an impeccable skill of modern times.
  3. Using wisdom even during anger: Lord Parshuram never lost his intellect and wisdom amidst the anger as well however he was regarded as a god with a high temperament. He never let his personality impact his wisdom and decision-making skills at different stages of time.
  4. Surrender to parents: The growth journey of human life is impossible without surrendering self to parents and Guru. The supreme sublimation to these helps one to walk ahead in life and curate best from the journey of life.
  5. Impart your teachings with an open mind: Knowledge is like a flowing river, and one should keep imparting his knowledge & intellect to needy people so that knowledge does not get lost. Lord Parshuram is regarded as a teacher of Dronacharya, Bhisma, and Karna from the Mahabharata times.
  6. The self-realization of deeds and the course correction: Lord Parshuram is a perfect example of learning and keeping a self-check on actions of self. The moment one realizes that one was not right, one should have the courage to acknowledge it and do the course correction in no time. The meeting of Lord Prashuram and Lord Ram in Ramayana is an ideal incident from which we can learn this side of Lord Parshuram

Implementing these life learning from Lord Parshuram in our life in modern times can be a great boon.

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