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India Origin ‘Hitler Fan’ Teenager Crashes Truck Into White House Barrier To Kill Biden

When Secret Service agents interrogated the accused, he told that he wanted to control the government and kill US President Joe Biden.

Published: May 24, 2023 3:45 PM IST

By Tahir Qureshi | Edited by Tahir Qureshi

India Origin, Hitler Fan, White House, Sai Varshit Kandula, Chesterfield, Missouri, Nazi flag, Secret Service, Joe Biden, U-Haul, Virginia, Lafayette Square, One World Order Policy, Adolf Hitler, St. Louis, Dulles International Airport, kamala harris
He was planning this attack for six months.

New Delhi:?A 19-year-old youth on Tuesday rammed a truck into a security barrier near the White House. The police immediately arrested him. The accused has been identified as Sai Varshit Kandula, a resident of Chesterfield, Missouri. It is being reported by some media houses that the accused is of Indian origin. According to the news agency AP, after crashing the truck into the barrier, Sai Varshit Kandula started waving a Nazi flag.

When Secret Service agents interrogated the accused, he told that he wanted to control the government and kill US President Joe Biden. He was planning this attack for six months. The Secret Service reported that Kandula had rented the truck from U-Haul in Virginia and had a valid truck rental contract.

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Officials said the suspect hit a barrier north of Lafayette Square near the White House. Kandula is a Nazi supporter. He admires their authoritarian ideology and One World Order Policy. During interrogation, he told that he was greatly influenced by Hitler as he was a powerful leader. However, no weapon or explosive material was found in his truck.

No one has been hurt in the attack. Chris Jabozy, a 25-year-old eye-witness who was present at the time of the attack, said that the driver had hit the barrier at least twice. White House Press Secretary Jean Pierre said that President Biden was present in the White House at the time of the incident. He was later informed about the entire incident. Biden expressed happiness that no one was injured in the attack.


Kandula faces several charges including making threats to kill, kidnapping, and causing harm to the President, the Vice President, or any member of his family. According to the police report, Kandula took a flight from St. Louis to Dulles International Airport around 8 p.m. After this, he hired a truck near the airport and from there he directly reached the White House.

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